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Love the game can't wait till pay day to support you a bit lol

Hey, just wanna tell you how much I've enjoyed the demo and absolutely can't wait to read more!!

I think I might know who the wraith is–

I almost screamed when the demo ended!! 

i love it, i can't wait for more!

The worst that could happen being unchosen nothing at all I believe


What Are the poly routes?

I am totally in love with this so far~

Help I love this!? Its already an amazing blend between school life and fantasy, and the cast relationships are written very well. I very much enjoy seeing how past events can impact character relationships, and the fact that popularity plays into the story too, makes the "high school" aesthetic feel much more real. Overall 10/10, wonderful start! 

Oh wow, that literally blew me away a little! Very nice! The emotional responses are super well portrayed and authentic and thankfully the chara creation was mostly painless and pretty fast. It's fairly short, but already there is so much nuance to the attitude and relationships and I look forward to see it all play out! Thank you for writing, coding and sharing, I'm sure it was a pain, but I hope you had at least as much fun as I did skipping around and reading this!

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typo after the gender choices: "You open your bedroom door and can already hearing the chatter coming from the kitchen." and right behind that is the Sofka instead of Sofia.

"Katerina, sitting shotgun in the front next to their mom, mans the radio while Sofka is chattering away in the back seat between you and Viktor."

Or is her name just Sofka?

Sofka is a nickname used among her family, her legal name is Sofia. Thanks for pointing out the typo.

it's just that k and i are relatively close together on the keyboard. I think that's a kyrillic naming thing with the -ka? Either way, the third time it came up I realized it wasn't a typo, but I was honestly too lazy to go back and edit the comment, sorry! ^^°
Congrats on the prologue!

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One little thing about the gender choices: "you were born female, but identify as male" makes it sound like you picked an outfit. it's not a choice. "you were classified/assigned female at birth, but you identified as male" is more accurate. 


Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into changing the wording :)

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Super cool! Can’t wait for the rest!

I did find a few writing errors though->

Sofia was often mistyped as Sofka

Once Theo in the male option was referred to as her

(There was another but I can’t remember it :,])

It was great overall though! Gl!!

Hey, I'll fix the Theo thing. Sofka is Sofia's nickname among her family, though :)

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Okay 👍 but maybe make it a bit more consistent? Or make some note cause since ‘i’ and ‘k’ are by each other on the keyboard it could be mistaken as a typo as I did. Just a suggestion to add some way to make it more obvious. Great game though 👏

Also, I’d like to know how you did the stat code for the character. I’ve been wanting to incorporate something like that in my game ‘Ethereal’


Awww yeah! I've been waiting for this game since I saw it on tumblr, and this was great so far! The writing is nice, and the UI is very sleek, very fun. The characters so far are quite charming, and the MC's backstory seems to be quite intriguing. Can't wait to meet the new chosen one and our ex and give them a ....decidedly warm welcome. Excited for more!

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hm when you pick draca with green wings u skip option to choose eye color :C


Is there a place we can find descriptions of the characters?

Hi! My tumblr @disenchantedif has more details on the characters!

Hm, I found the character profiles section, but there doesn't seem to be anything there besides height and age. Is it still being worked on?

Hi, if you scroll back a bit there’s a casting post split into two parts on the page. There’s also some character art.

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I think maybe I don't understand how navigation works on tumblr... I don't have a tumblr myself.

Ok, finally managed to find it by somehow navigating to a different pagesort (no idea how I managed to do that though.) So the characters all just look like normal humans even though none of them are?

That's just their casting. Obviously, I can't cast an actual siren as Penelope, a draca as Viktor, etc, etc. For more accurate descriptions, they are described as they're introduced in the game and I'm commissioning art as I'm able.


Yes a new one!! Just finished Fallen Lights the other day, time to try this one out 


Ayyy Fallen Lights fans unite!